Google Tag Management


Google Tag Manager makes tracking activity on your website and mobile apps quicker and easier. It also allows you to add, edit and disable tags in an instant, rather than waiting for a web developer to manually add code for everything you want to track.

This is for you if…

You want to know how your website or mobile apps are performing and how site visitors behave. Tagging can help you track all sorts of activities like:

  • link clicks
  • downloads
  • addition or removal of items in a virtual shopping basket
  • scroll tracking
  • form abandonment
  • shopping basket abandonment
  • exit link clicks

This is why you need it...

By using Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager, it is possible to collect specific, granular data. Whenever your tags are updated, the changes go live immediately. This means insights are current and relevant.

If your business has a mobile app, your team can also add and edit tags without issuing an app update. This removes the risk of missing users who may not immediately or automatically download updates to their devices.

Google Tag Management explained...

Every business with a website or app needs to know how well it is performing. In the past you had to ask your development team to add code for everything you wanted to track. With Google Tag Manager, this labour-intensive process is not required.

Although Google Tag Manager works alongside Google Analytics, you do need some technical knowledge to achieve optimal outcomes. Whereas Tag Manager focuses on what data to track, when to log it, and where to send it, Analytics acts as a container for your data: it allows you to view, compare and share processed, comprehensible information on demand.

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