SEO Audits


It’s often said that a website is the digital version of your high-street shop front. That being so, you wouldn’t ignore the leaky pipe outside your shop door. Or that loose shelf you’ve been meaning to get fixed.

Your online efforts should be treated with the same esteem.

This is for you if...

You want to be told honestly where you stand with your SEO efforts. An audit can give you the confidence you need to continue developing your SEO. Achieve results that positively impact the quality and ranking of your site.

SEO compiles the use of various tools and processes to affect your site’s organic search ranking. But attempting SEO with no experience can be catastrophic. Perhaps you’ve noticed a sudden decrease in site activity and need to figure out what has gone wrong.

Crescat Digital can help.

We’ve found ourselves auditing even for companies with in-house SEO teams. Perhaps looking for a fresh insight or, not sure how best to prioritise their SEO.

This is why you need it...

An SEO audit should examine your site’s architecture, indexing, content, and social media engagements. Providing you with actionable results to better understand how to improve upon your SEO work.

Our auditing team will report on the weaknesses in your SEO. Sometimes these are simple-fixes, which we’d be happy to show you.

SEO Auditing explained...

Our audit report team will give you specific recommendations on addressing the issues we find. From back-end coding to building a solid link profile.

The online market is saturated with competition. Our auditing will research into your competition to explore how best to take your SEO to the next level.

Our aim is to help make your website work harder for you.

Some of the main factors that we explore include:

Technical SEO
It takes a well-trained eye to spot the tiniest of details affecting your SEO. Our SEO team enjoy the challenge of investigating the errors causing you problems.

User Experience
Engagement metrics matter. Our analytical software delivers an accurate interpretation of your user’s site behaviour.

Site Speed
Page speed matters. A slow site will increase your bounce rate. We’ll test and identify how to improve the speed of your site.

Keyword Opportunities
Choosing the best keywords plays a huge impact in SEO success. We can conduct thorough research to identify the best keyword opportunities for you.

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