Elysium Healthcare is one of the largest private mental healthcare providers in the UK. The company was formed in 2016 from 22 hospitals formerly owned by The Priory. Since then, we have helped grow the business to now having 75 hospitals in the brand.


Elysium Healthcare was a newly formed company in December 2016. The first major challenge was to deliver a working website on an extremely tight deadline, so the company could officially launch – it also needed a fully working job search and recruitment function on the website due to the projected growth of the company.

The next major challenge was marketing a brand new domain with no authority, no traffic and no online visibility. We needed to get the site ranking, not only for brand terms, but for service and location terms as quickly as possible to ensure patients and carers alike were able to find the hospitals and services.


In the research there were some small issues with the brand name – there was already another company called Elysium Health which occupied the brand terms we wanted to rank for. We had to do some digital PR immediately with some brand links to address. Fortunately, it was the creation of a large company and the task was made easier for press statements and brand links from major healthcare websites and news outlets.

As the company merged from several companies over the initial years of growth, with numerous acquisitions contributing new hospitals – we had a tricky local SEO challenge to navigate because a lot of the hospitals’ Google Business pages were owned by former staff, unknown accounts or accounts we simply couldn’t get immediate access to. Our goal was to ensure that all 75 hospitals were owned, verified and optimised within one account for easy management and accountability.

On-page SEO was an important factor, as many hospitals had multiple pages with similar content. Some hospitals had a corporate page, a sub-brand page and a recruitment page. Tweaking content was enough on the recruitment side, but we had to discuss and decide which page should be canonicalised (prioritised in search engine results) when users were looking for the hospital online.



As a full-service digital agency that had a track record of building websites that ranked well in competitive markets, we were a good fit for Elysium Healthcare's mission. They needed ambitious results in a short timeframe, and we were confident we could deliver for them.

The speed at which they work and the tight deadlines which they meet are exceptional. They are experts at what they do, highly professional and have a work ethic which is geared around not only meeting the customer’s need but going to the extra mile that enables me to sleep at night knowing that whatever job I have just put forward it will be delivered on time and with great results.


We have been working with Elysium Healthcare since its inception, and we have overseen the traffic go from zero to over 20,000 new users per month from organic search alone. This has been a steady growth curve, ultimately reaching the highest numbers in 2020. We are still seeing growth, so we will continue to see more monthly users in the future.

3.97% organic conversion rate

20,000+ new users per month

The website has gone from strength to strength also. The conversion rate on enquires into the website has increased year on year and has seen an average conversion rate of 3.97%. This is a very high organic conversion rate for a website of this size, but it is a testament to the years of hard work we have put in alongside Elysium Healthcare.


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