AVS Fencing required a digital marketing campaign that would give their business greater visibility to the customers looking for the products they can provide.

We’ve built a successful campaign that has seen immense improvement in their competitive online retail domain.


AVS Fencing Supplies are a leading distributor in the UK for fencing, railway sleeper, decking and landscaping supplies.

They have a strong foothold in the market across the South East of England and do a considerable amount of business online through their e-commerce website.

The main focus for their website is fencing supplies for both trade and retail customers, although they do a lot of business in railway sleepers, landscaping and decking products.

After assessing their situation it appeared there were a few on-page issues with the site but they were not building enough of a link profile to grow visibility in a vastly competitive industry.


On-Page SEO

Upon winning this contract the first port of call was to audit the website for any technical SEO improvements that we could gain some quick wins from. In these audits we establish a sensible starting point for the website strategy.

For this particular case we were able to identify some key improvements that were able to help in achieving some fast results for the client.
Link Clean Up

As a well established website, AVS have a large backlink profile with a lot of history. In these cases it is imperative to perform an in-depth audit into the quality and relevance of the links to ensure there are no harmful signals being sent to search engines.

Once we have weeded out all of the risky links we can expect a small ranking boost across the board, as well as being safe from any future search engine algorithm changes.
Link Outreach

In a competitive industry such as fencing, on-page improvements alone will never get you where you want to be in search results. This is where a creative outreach campaign can move the needle.

For AVS we heavily research the best avenues and influencers most suited and set a plan to curate and push targeted content to them. There are a number scalable methods that we used in the process of building on top of a pre-existing strong link profile.


AVS came to us after dropping in visibility across a range of key search terms that were important to their revenue stream.

Crescat Digital have been working with AVS for over a year and they have become an important part of our digital strategy. They have implemented strategies for both our SEO and PPC and are a great asset to our team and deliver on all of their promises. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Crescat to businesses looking to grow the online side of their business.


For the amount of revenue that an e-commerce website the size of AVS generates, a 120% increase YOY is a fantastic achievement that both parties are very happy with. We are looking at achieving an even greater increase in year 2.

172% increase in organic traffic YOY

120% revenue increase YOY

With a a 170% increase in organic traffic YOY it is no surprise of the revenue increase. We have seen some rises for major cash generating keywords and we are now moving on to target even more beneficial search terms going into our next campaign.


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