Greetings fellow marketing enthusiasts and insightful inquisitives!

Today, we at Crescat Digital are announcing our first original media series ‘Digital Definitions.’  In the world of digital and creative marketing it’s easy for newcomers and intermediaries alike, to quickly get lost in the barrage of technical terms and industry lingo.  No wonder too, with a multitude of acronyms such as CTR, CPC, SERP, and other ambiguous terms like Conversion Rate, Back Linking, and Geo-targeting; it’s easy to see why some businesses have a hard time understanding the full potential of new media marketing techniques.  The concept behind Digital Definitions (or as we affectionately call it in the office, ‘DigiDefs’) comes from a palpable dilemma of terminology troubles.

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Tackling trauma…

At Crescat Digital our goal is to work with a client to not only improve their ROI (that’s ‘Return on Investment’), but to also help combat alienation from the ever evolving marketing landscape.  The key to this is clear and concise communication, something that is inherently effected by the difficulties that arise from certain types of internet vocabulary.  When working with new or pre-existing businesses, it’s common to find a reasonable divide between knowledge bases.

We call this obstacle ‘terminology trauma’ where an overdose in marketing speak can often end up frustrating the client, rather than addressing the strategy on a level that engages them in an inclusive manner.  How can clients and their marketing agencies expect to find true business cohesion, without one understanding the other?


So with this in mind…

Crescat’s ‘Digital Definitions’ series aims to help alleviate, and hopefully one day eradicate ‘terminology trauma’ for our clients and perspective clients, around the world.  We want to help provide a blend of interesting and educational references, with appealing visuals that will not only be engaging as a teaching platform but also as a free resource for those looking to gain a foothold in this particular area of the digital frontier.

Starting today we are rolling out regular Crescat Digital social media notes.  Designed in the style of post-its, these notes will show off our first original series ‘Digital Definitions’ and begin to break down these marketing barriers one term at a time.


Crescat Digital Definitions Blog Image


This series will become an outlet for those seeking a quick reference guide to the full spectrum of web marketing and digital vocabulary.

We hope you enjoy our new series, and are look forward to seeing the catalogue grow for you over the coming weeks and months.

If you are interested in a specific term or acronym you would like us to define, please sign off in the comments below.  We would love to hear from you and be a part of this new series!



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