PPC Remarketing


Remarketing also serves as a great tool to remind customers of your website, and hopefully provide repeat business. The increased brand awareness can also give customers a greater sense of trust in you. Meaning they are more likely to do business with you when they are ready to purchase.

The flexible nature of this sort of advertising gives you the chance to take complete control over your budget. You will be able to see which campaigns are working, and adjust spending accordingly.

This is for you if...

PPC Remarketing is perfect for site owners that want to bring back customers to their website.

Whether they sell a toaster, a screwdriver, or their cleaning services; remarketing is your best chance to secure the sale of a customer that became distracted during their first visit to your website.

This is why you need it...

Remarketing focuses on a very specific group of people. Those that have already shown interest in the products or services that you offer. In fact, you can even target people based on exactly which parts of your site they showed interest in.

Retargeting ads are also very cost-effective. So, the small investment is extremely worthwhile.

PPC Remarketing explained...

PPC Remarketing utilises the breadth of the display network to target customers that have visited specific parts of your website.

By implementing a Google remarketing code on specific pages of your site, we can create highly-specified targeting campaigns using Adwords.

For example, if you placed a code on the product page for dishwashers, we could create ad’s to target the people who didn’t complete a purchase, but showed interest in the product.

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