eCommerce SEO


eCommerce websites tend to be much larger than other websites. Add to this the fact that their HTML markup is different too. Things can easily get complicated.

This is for you if...

A badly optimised eCommerce site is the wrong way to approach online transactions. It could lead to decreasing customer retention rates, an increase in bounce rate, and a significant drop in sales. Not good.

eCommerce SEO fixes the issues causing these problems. We’ll explore the back-end of your website to give the work at the front the best chance at securing sales.

It’s quite normal for eCommerce sites to have the same product in different categories of their store. Though search engines, as clever as they are, don’t recognise the reason behind having similar content on different parts of your site. To them, it’s a duplicate, and will harm your SEO.

Canonical Links are the solution. They inform search engines that the duplicates are relevant, and points them to the main version for them to direct users towards.

It’s essential for successful eCommerce SEO.

This is why you need it...

The brilliant thing about online shopping is the vast number of products you can offer to your customer. No longer are you restricted by shelf-space, or square-foot rental agreements!

Things can often get a bit complicated behind the scenes, though. Especially when it comes to search engines crawling through all your web pages. That’s where eCommerce SEO comes in.

Not only do eCommerce sites require extensive back-end work. Your site’s security needs to be top-notch, too. The sensitive nature of online trading demands a site your customer can put their trust in.

Google loves security. And places an emphasis on sites with up-to-date security features.

eCommerce SEO explained...

It’s the search engines aim to give its users the most relevant results. So, if someone is searching for “red shoes” and you sell them, you’d like Google to show your site.

Search engines like sites that are easy-to-digest. eCommerce SEO organises the complex layout of your online store. Making you a search engine’s dream website.

On-page content is also important when it comes to eCommerce SEO. Google loves content. It’s the easiest way for them to understand what your site is all about. And if they understand you, they’ll understand when their users are searching for a business like you.

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