Amazon SEO


If you are selling on Amazon, you will want your products to appear at the top of search results. Amazon SEO will help to establish your position in the rankings.

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You are an Amazon seller. 66% of shoppers begin their purchasing journey on Amazon. Most will only buy products listed on the first three pages returned by a search.


In order to capitalise on Amazon’s potential to move units, you must make sure item descriptions are written to appeal to Amazon’s search algorithm. This will boost the chances of being listed higher in search results.

This is why you need it...

The higher you rank, the more you will sell. Amazon’s search algorithm places the products shoppers are most likely to buy in the top positions. It does this based on the keywords used and the products’ past performance.


Knowing which keywords to use and how to write optimised product descriptions requires experience, skill, and time. When it is done well, sales will grow.

Amazon SEO explained...

You may already be familiar with search engine optimisation for web pages. Like using keywords to improve Google search ranking, Amazon SEO can be used to optimise Amazon product listings so that they appear at the top of Amazon search results. This means using the most relevant keywords, i.e. words people are likely to use when searching for your item.


The ranking of a product is determined by Amazon’s own algorithm. This is not the same as Google’s search formulae. Effective optimisation requires specific understanding of the platform to ensure the results you want.


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