We started working with RC Geeks to improve their ROI, and make digital marketing a more cost-effective option for the business to maximise its customer conversion rates.

Our search marketing teams streamlined a more effective approach to their online advertisement campaigns.


We came into contact with RC Geeks late in 2014 as one of our first clients. They were not sure how to approach their search engine marketing and more specifically they were getting poor results from their PPC.

They wanted to shift their focus towards the growing drone/ quadcopter market and they were struggling with a high cost per conversion which limited their profitability

After assessing their Adwords account we uncovered a lot of weaknesses in the account structure, ad depth and shopping campaigns.

After over a year working with RC Geeks their account is now extremely healthy making large scale profit month on month.


Account Audit

When we assessed the RC Geeks Adwords accord we found three main issues; they were not targeting ads effectively with a solid account structure, they weren’t utilising ad extensions and they weren’t optimising their shopping feed.

Armed with our findings we were keen to put together a strategy and start putting it into action.

Account Structure & Extensions

The main structural change we made was to create more brand and product focused ad groups that were intently customer focused. The disappointing results stemmed from a broad approach that we needed to dramatically narrow.

Aside from the automated rating extension there were none being used which meant the ads could be occupying more real estate in search results. This was addressed account wide.

Shopping Campaign Optimisation

This is something we find is quite common with eCommerce clients. They set up the shopping feed and thought Google would do the rest. This meant every product on the entire site was being auctioned for the same bid.

We segregated the entire feed, so we only had winners included and had a much more rigorous bidding system in place to make sure maximum profit was achieved.


RC Geeks chose to work with Crescat Digital because of our transparent approach. We pitched a tangible logical strategy that made sense in the short, medium and long term. Thankfully, the faith shown in us to deliver the right results for the business and we have seen huge growth with them since partnering with them.

We would recommend Crescat Digital to other companies and individuals. I know that because we have!


After working with RC Geeks for nearly two years on their PPC accounts we had achieved a 623% conversion increase YOY based on the latest quarter. These additional conversions were accompanied with a -65% reduction in cost per conversion YOY which created a much bigger profit margin.

-65% reduction in cost per conversion

623% conversion increase in sales from campaigns

We also produced double the visibility for the ads which was great for the RC Geeks brand within their target industry. We are extremely pleased with the progress of these campaigns and we are looking to build on this success even further.


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