Coco & Coir are a growing household and garden brand, launched in the UK in 2018. We partnered with them from their inception, and have been able to support them in expanding to being an Amazon preferred supplier, and stocking products with leading retailers in the UK in just two short years.


When we initially spoke with Coco & Coir, they had built a small eCommerce website, however, they had no traffic or sales. As a new business, they didn’t know where to start in getting the traction that matched their ambition to grow into a market leader in multiple verticals.

Our task was to achieve this growth on a small budget, spreading our services across social media channels, PPC and SEO. We needed an extremely concise strategy, and we had to execute it to the letter over two years. We were excited to take on this challenge!


Research Phase

Having had previous experience in the gardening industry with Scotts Miracle Gro, we already knew how to build authority and where. However, this was uncharted territory in environmentally friendly products within the industry. Our aim was to clarify where the search market was, where influencers were, and how best to lead this emerging market from a content and authority position.

Website Phase

Initially, we knew as we would have a low volume of traffic, we would need a high conversion rate to succeed, so we first worked on the UX, speed and trust signals on the website to make customers feel comfortable with purchasing from an unknown brand. This conversion optimisation would be an ongoing exercise.

Implementation Phase

Next up, we needed to start gaining visibility and traction. With any new product or brand, we had to generate trust and authority. Our strategy here was to create genuinely helpful knowledgable content to inform customers, and pushing the product out to influential gardeners to test, review and promote. Not only did this play a part in our backlink strategy, but we needed users to be confident when researching the legitimacy of the product online.


Coco & Coir chose Crescat Digital after they sought a local digital marketing company that could help them on a hollistic scale. They were impressed with our previous work in the garden industry, but also the candid approach of our pitch and genuine passion for helping them grow.

Testimonial from Coco & Coir coming soon


After working with Coco & Coir, they are now leading the environmentally friendly peat alternatives category in the UK. They have secured major investment to take them to the next level, and are beginning to be recognised as a household gardening name. From no website users or online presence, they are now featured on industry news websites, talked about at industry events and recognised by all influencers we work with.

535.33% increase in revenue YOY

258.54% traffic increase from organic search YOY

355.26% traffic increase from paid search YOY

We had a good first year, but have continued to grow in the second year with a 535.33% increase in revenue. This revenue came primarily from search engines, increasing 258.54% from organic search and 355.26% from paid search YOY. The traffic and sales are still growing, so there will be even bigger numbers in future.


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