Phone Number Tracking


Many people still contact businesses by phone. When they do, they are often considered a warm lead or potential sale. By tracking those calls, overall analytics data will be more accurate and reliable. You will be tapping into valuable information about your marketing activities and new opportunities.

This is for you if…

You are running a campaign or advert, need to know what traction it is getting, and whether responses are being picked up via phone calls or online contact.

With a full and accurate picture of how people are reaching out and responding, you can focus efforts on methods more likely to achieve interest and results.

This is why you need it...

Nowadays, it is easy to make a phone call directly from a website click. By tracking calls you can identify their source, e.g. did they ring from the home page of your website or click on a banner advert?

This information can then be compared with other marketing data from your website. You can also assess the quality of the call, e.g. did it result in a sale or a firm inquiry?

Phone number tracking explained...

There are three ways for you to track phone calls:

  • from ads (by using a link in the ad or a unique number)
  • monitoring calls to a number on your site
  • tracking clicks on a number appearing on your site

With the resulting insights, you can combine this data with other analytics we provide to create a picture of where best to concentrate your efforts.

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