Local SEO


You’ve probably noticed how Google lists certain businesses at the top of its results. This is called the map pack. And it’s very important your business appears there too.

This is for you if...

Local SEO is helpful for all different types of businesses. Many think it can only benefit those with a physical high-street presence. But our Local SEO team can boost any business targeting specific locations.

So, if you work in particular areas, perhaps even indulging a passion for gardening in the local neighbourhood – Local SEO cements your online presence. Making targeting customers a breeze.

This is why you need it...

Local SEO is the perfect tool to solidify your business in a certain location. For a nationwide company opening their latest branch, it can be utilised to present itself as a competitor to similar businesses in the area.

Smaller businesses can benefit too. With incredible results. The nature of a smaller business often means they can struggle to compete with big-budget marketing campaigns by more established companies. Our Local SEO team give you the online visibility to reach customers.

Target customers looking for the services your business offers. They could be moments away. Searching on their mobile for a business like you.

Local SEO explained...

Over the years, we’ve come to rely on the internet to answer the silliest of questions. And now we want to know about everything around us, too.

Google picked up on the demand for consumers to find businesses nearby. A search for an optician now suggests we are looking for an optician nearby – rather than simply information on what it is.

The Map Pack is Google’s answer to increasing numbers of local searches. It shows three businesses and pin-points their location and contact information.

The pack appears before other results. Including paid-ad results. In fact, it appears at the top of 93% of local intent searches.

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