Running a business is tough. The constant juggle between providing the services you offer, and finding people to purchase those services is the backbone of any business. So, exploring opportunities to increase turnover is essential to your businesses growth.  Digital marketing is a service which today is completely necessary. The world is online, and your business needs to be too.

The benefits of a successful digital marketing strategy can realise a higher revenue, bridge the gap between you and your customer, and provide you with real workable data that traditional marketing methods fail to easily accomplish.

Embarking upon your digital marketing adventure is, indeed, easier said than done. For most people, the jargon surrounding digital marketing is confusing enough; so, creating a new position within your company and finding candidate’s with the correct digital marketing skills to fill it, sounds frustratingly difficult. And with the online marketplace becoming increasingly competitive and, not failing to mention, digital savvy, the pressure is on.

One solution to consider would be outsourcing the work to a digital marketing agency. This might sound like an unusual concept – how can I trust someone who isn’t on my payroll? But, there are numerous advantages to your business and your businesses success that make this option a fantastic solution to expensive recruitment processes.


Advantages of outsourcing your digital marketing:


  1. Save money, time, and effort. Focusing your team’s resources on developing and hiring a new employee can be a lengthy commitment. Plus, the recruitment agency, onboarding, and hiring costs associated with training new employee’s are all extra to the additional salary you’ve now taken on.
  2. Buy one, get one free. Opting for an in-house digital marketing executive lacks a crucial element that agencies can bring to the table – more than one person. For the same price, you’re hiring the expertise of carefully selected, highly skilled digital marketing experts.
  3. Keep focused on what matters. Running your business is important. You’ve got wages to pay, and growth targets to work toward. Becoming bogged down in things you don’t specialise in can have a domino effect on the rest of your business. Do what you do best, a digital marketing agency can guide you on the rest. In fact, a big part of agency life is keeping up to date with the fast-moving nature of the industry.
  4. Relieve staff pressure. Bundling work onto staff who have already got deadlines to meet can add unnecessary pressure to team motivations. Relieve the pressure of adding tasks which don’t meet the job description of your current team, and give the work to the people who know how to do it best.
  5. Get more out of your investment. Investing in staff is important. Especially on staff who have the skills to drive your business forward. But, the truth is, there are few people who have specialist knowledge of each sector involved in digital marketing. Your business will benefit from all different types of online marketing. From PPC to SEO, Content to Web Design, these specialist skills will require more people, and therefore more money. An agency has these fundamental skills covered.
  6. See the results. One of the most overlooked aspects of agency work is communication. Any good agency prides itself on its work and therefore keeps its clients updated with the latest information regarding their accounts. Be sure to shy away from agencies that create a cloud of smoke around the work they are doing on your behalf. Things should be transparent, it’s your money, your website, and your business.
  7. Be open to more opportunities. For an agency, increasing your ROI is extremely important. To do this requires adjustments, adaptations, and a constant eye looking out for opportunities to increase your customer conversions through the digital marketing toolbox. Whether it’s reacting to a new keyword-orientated PPC campaign or solving an issue that’s affecting your organic SEO – an agency has your best interests as a priority, simply because, they want to foster a good business relationship. After all, reputation can mean everything!
  8. Take the guesswork out of the mix. Trying something new, you may expect to make mistakes. After all, it’s these mistakes which make you realise how not to do something. But in the competitive realm of digital marketing, mistakes can cost a business a hefty chunk out of the assigned marketing budget. Agencies have the experience to guide your business in the best possible direction, dodging avoidable expensive mistakes along the way!


How do I manage a long distance working relationship with an agency?

Working with an agency may put you off because you can’t simply pop out of the office and have a chat about something you need to know about from the appropriate colleague. However, choosing the correct agency is key to solving this issue. An agency who thrives on communication, and is even willing to come to you (if required/needed), is the sign of an agency who cares about their clients. Plus, you should never be shy about giving them a call. They are there to help you and help you understand what it is that they are doing to benefit your business.

At Crescat Digital we love our clients. In fact, we even created a client hub for our clients who wish to remain up-to-date with what is happening over their multiple accounts with us. Our aim is to demolish the wall which other agencies build between their clients and themselves. We don’t see the point, we’d rather be open and honest to get the best results for the both of us. Plus, we love any excuse to mobilise our office and visit our clients. It’s a great chance to get to know how we’re helping you, and for you to see us as much a part of your team, as we consider you to be part of ours.


The takeaway

Outsourcing your digital marketing allows your business to concentrate on what really matters. As a surplus to your business, a digital marketing agency can ensure you generate a higher customer conversion, an increased (and accurate!) presence on the internet, and take the pressure off your team without the experience/training to do it accurately themselves.

Take the risk out of your investment and be guided by industry experts, keen to transform your business into digital superstars.


For more information on the services we provide, please contact us for a friendly no-pressure chat.



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