Scott’s Miracle Gro approached us with a specific project to improve their visibility within the PPC advertisement channel.

We worked with this leading gardening brand to build and implement a successful PPC account structure. The aim was to target customers at a specific time of the year, in order to drive sales, and increase ROI.


The Scotts Company (UK) are the leading supplier of gardening products in the western world. They own household brands such as Miracle Gro, Evergreen, Weedol, Levington, Tomorite and more.

They are an industry leader and need a high standard of digital marketing in order to stay there.

To support their existing search engine optimisation campaigns and to increase visibility during peak season between February and May, Scotts need to have a number of product-focused PPC campaigns executed.

In the year previously the click-through rate was not hitting the numbers that were expected so we were tasked with turning this around.


Account Audit
In this instance, we were fortunate that Scotts had a rich account history which allowed us to mine the data and find out exactly what had been successful and what had failed in the past.

We found numerous opportunities that weren’t being exploited and identified areas where placement criteria was lacking amongst other key components.

Account Structure
It was clear from the start, the right way to segregate the campaigns was by brand, as they all had specific peak times and niche audiences to target. We separated it further with additional campaigns based on type, and used ad groups to drill down to product level.

This new structure allowed us to focus our energy on the placements and variations of the ads in each individual area.

Ad Quality
The quality of the ads would be imperative to making these campaigns a success. During high season the competition in this market is fierce and you need to be exceptional to stand out.

For display campaigns that meant bespoke artwork, for search campaigns that meant a great amount of ad copy testing and implementing all available extensions effectively.


After working with Scotts for a year and having impressed them with results with our work on SEO, we were trusted in reviving the Google Ad account which had been performing poorly.

Crescat Digital were consulted and hired to work on the website, which is a crucial platform for our inbound sales and information online. From the first month they started, the volume of work they produced was staggering, not to mention the quality versus our previous agency. The visibility increase after one year was not something we thought was possible, from both an organic and paid advertising perspective. Crescat Digital are now a crucial part of the team here and we are already planning the next stage growth in the UK market.


In our first year of managing the Adwords accounts for Scotts we were able to provide them with huge improvements to their results. The website we work with is an advice site that supports the brands which means traffic is the priority objective.

680% CTR improvement YOY

58% average cost per click decrease YOY

With that as our goal we achieved a 680% increase in clicks for -58% cost YOY. Not only that we were able to do this with nearly 200% more visibility through impressions. The client was extremely pleased with those figures.


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