Data Integrity


The accuracy and consistency of your data, particularly in respect of regulatory compliance like GDPR, is paramount. To ensure your data remains intact and uncompromised, you need strict processes and practices in place.

This is for you if…

You need to handle, retain, and maintain accurate data. This will certainly be the case if your data:

  • informs key decision making
  • forms the basis of successful business performance
  • allows for successful automation.

If your business can demonstrate high standards when maintaining the integrity of its data, it will indicate a high level of trustworthiness to customers, clients and potential partners. Good practice will also bring confidence and peace of mind.

As much of your data may be collected and managed via your marketing platforms (e.g. your website, mobile apps, landing pages, etc.) data integrity should be a major part of your development and marketing.

This is why you need it...

Your data can be compromised in many ways, including:

  • human error (deliberate or accidental)
  • transfer errors
  • bugs and viruses
  • system updates
  • system hacking
  • system failure

To maintain the integrity of your data, we will work with you to develop best practices.

We can help train your team, ensure your systems are monitored and reviewed, and put regular maintenance, auditing, and cleaning processes into place.

Data Integrity explained...

We believe data integrity should be a serious consideration while your website is still in the design phase. Our approach is to introduce and customise secure concepts from scratch, combining common sense methodology with technology, rulesets and procedures.

Our solutions normally include two stages:

  • an input validation process (so that errors are avoided, common with manual entry for example)
  • a data security process, such as regular backups and audits.

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