Web copy is your chance to give your site a voice. It captures the attention of future customers. Enchants them to take a journey with you. And persuades them to take action.

Copy done well can increase customer conversion rates. Copy done great supports your SEO, too.

Employ the use of Crescat Digital’s imaginative copywriters to give your site a confident and lasting impression.

This is for you if...

Website’s without copy is like ice cream without sprinkles. OK, sprinkles aren’t really necessary, but your copy speaks volumes to search engines. It builds trust and awareness within your customer. That seems like a necessity to us.

The internet has a mammoth number of articles, blog entries, and text-based content. Some wonder the validity of taking the time to develop their own content in the realm of such competition. But if taken the time to produce well-written content, it can still positively impact your site. And provide a brilliant return-on-investment.

This is why you need it...

The words on the page tell the search engine more about you. And if they know more about you, they know when best to offer you in their user’s search query results.

Long gone have the days of stuffing carefully selected keywords into your site to better your ranking. The search engine knows better, and you should too! These Black Hat SEO tactics will warrant you a penalty from Google. A 21st century slap on the wrist.

Crescat Digital’s copywriters work with you to develop engaging copy that will charm both search engines and your customer.

Content is the glue holding your website together. It persuades customer’s to make a purchase, and gives the search engine a chance to understand you.

Plus, content is pretty handy for SEO. Done right and your website will see dramatic results in many different parts of your businesses online marketing.

Copywriting explained...

We work with businesses to pinpoint what needs to be said. And then we say it.

Creating content can benefit all different types of online businesses. From a simple how-to or a quick message detailing your returns policy, content serves many purposes.

Managing your content allows you the security of knowing your writing isn’t going to waste. But most importantly, the knowledge that it isn’t also negatively affecting your SEO efforts.

Many factors are taken into account when determining your site’s authority, and subsequent SERP rankings. Bounce rate is one of these factors, and creating informative and engaging content that keeps the person interested, is key to lowering your bounce rate, and improving your SEO.

Not only can we upload and format content, but we’ll extract content opportunities to stay interesting (and brand-relevant), whilst keeping the search engines happy.

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