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The average person now spends over three hours a day on their smartphone, and this time is only set to increase. One of the main reasons people are active on their devices is to use the apps they have installed.

Apps can be developed and used to do all sorts of useful things: from choosing wine, practising yoga, and designing a home, to organising finances and creating a new fitness regime.

This is for you if…

A bespoke app offers a great way to provide customers with a useful tool, which also promotes brand awareness and helps to improve customer loyalty.

Once they have downloaded your app, you can send customers promotions, special coupons and deals in a way that, unlike email, won’t be at risk of going into a spam folder.

This is why you need it...

An app is an effective way of reaching customers because it doesn’t have to compete for attention in the same way as other digital channels, such as social media. You can send a notification directly to a user’s phone, which will remain in waiting for a user’s action, unlike a post in a Twitter timeline.

Designed to match your brand, an app icon will potentially be seen every time a user scrolls through their list of installed apps, keeping you at the front of their mind. When used, an app can also collect accurate and relevant data, such as check outs, conversions and search metrics.

App development explained...

App development is the process of creating a computer program or set of programs to perform different tasks a business requires or wants. In short, an app provides customers with a useful service, and a business with a way of converting that interest or user action into revenue.

Apps are not limited to use on phones; they can be designed for personal computers and tablets too. The possibilities are limitless in terms of what apps you can create. This makes them an innovative and dynamic way to develop your marketing strategy.

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