Responsive Design


Today we are connected wherever we go.

At home. The gym. Even on that long train journey home.

Our choice of mobile devices and tablets means we no longer are at the mercy of bulky computers, wired-in at the back of the room.

Responsive web design ensures your website is suitable across this growing variety of different screen size and resolutions.

This is for you if...

A mobile-first website is designed for everyone. The algorithm Google uses to determine where best to place your website in its results has now switched over to mobile-first.

This means that it will prioritise the mobile version of your site. The switch was a big one. But users are searching on their mobile more. So, it does make sense.

This is why you need it...

Nearly 60 percent of searches are mobile. Your website must reflect this to keep these customers happy.

Creating a universal experience for your site visitors is key to keeping them interested in what you do. User experience is a crucial aspect of online sales. Streamlining their shopping process will make them want to come back for more.

Plus, you’ll keep Google happy too.

Responsive Design explained...

As the internet continues to grow, the web has become entangled in different platforms from which people can connect.

Creating a solid experience over these platforms has never been more important.

Designing a mobile-first website isn’t just about adapting the screen size to fit the customer’s device. Our team build sites that reflect the restrictive aspects of mobile browsing. Slow wi-fi and limited data call for easily loaded sites that work fluidly over the broadening range of smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

The outcome? A beautifully crafted website, flawlessly segueing device-to-device.

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