AVS Fencing Supplies are a leading distributor in the UK for fencing, railway sleeper, decking and landscaping supplies. They have a strong foothold in the market across the South East of England and do a considerable amount of business online through their e-commerce website.

AVS Fencing recognised the advantages of implementing successful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns for their business.

We’ve worked with them to improve their conversions, and target customers most likely looking for the services AVS provide.


As a part of their search engine strategy, AVS required us to improve upon their existing PPC campaigns in Google Adwords.

Whilst in the past the account was profitable, it had been a while since any major edits had been done. Since then, the account was not performing well and producing a lower than acceptable cost per conversion across all campaigns. Our task was to turn this around in a short timeframe.

After auditing the account there were a number of opportunities being missed and some adgroups that had become redundant for the current PPC landscape.

We conducted a large scale clean up of the accounts ‘dead wood’, restructured the campaigns and introduced a more flexible shopping feed. After several adjustment periods the account is now in healthy sustainable profit.


Account Audit

The first step for any successful PPC campaign is to audit any existing accounts for evidence within the historical data of opportunities and flaws.

In this case, we found numerous opportunities that weren’t being exploited and identified areas where the account was losing money.

Account Structure

Next, it was important to add a more targeted structure to the account to cater for a large range of products on the eCommerce site.

Once the right structure was in place we were able to produce more detailed targeted ads to customers to improve quality score and CTR.

Ad Quality

In a vastly competitive market, it takes something extra to stand out amongst the crowd. This is where well-curated ad extensions come in.

We implemented a range of sitelinks, callouts and other snippets to highlight the USPs of AVS and create competitive advantage in search results.


Having already worked closely with Crescat Digital on their organic search visibility, they were confident we could deliver the same level of quality and value to the paid advertising campaigns across Google and Bing.

Crescat Digital have been working with AVS for over a year and they have become an important part of our digital strategy. They have implemented strategies for both our SEO and PPC and are a great asset to our team and deliver on all of their promises. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Crescat to businesses looking to grow the online side of their business.


After a year of managing the account for AVS, we have achieved great success. Bringing a large cost sum down 15.8% YOY is a big saving for the business. This came with a reduced cost per conversion YOY of 24.6% which helped retained a lot of the margin in the products sold.

Reduced cost per conversion YOY of 24.6%

117% increase in conversions YOY

Despite bringing the costs right down we managed to increase the sales through the account to free up some budget within the business to invest in other important reasons. Our efforts lead to an 11.7% increase in conversions YOY which both us and the client were very pleased with.


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