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A Shopping Campaign is bid on much the same way as other Pay-Per-Click options. The difference is the ad combines visuals with product information to appeal to the shopper.

This is for you if...

If you’d like to utilise the advertising opportunities available to you, Shopping Ads are the best option for eCommerce businesses.

Combining this pay-per-click option with text ads and organic search efforts can see your businesses visibility sky-rocket.

This is why you need it...

Pamper your customer with the visual experience they crave. Businesses often see higher click-through-rates with Shopping Ads.

The quality of your leads will increase, too. By giving the customer more information, they can choose the product they are most likely to buy; before they’ve even entered your site.

Shopping campaigns allow you to monitor the popularity of your listed products. Harnessing this data into future marketing efforts allows you to build strong, viable marketing campaigns.

PPC Shopping Campaign's explained...

Google’s shopping campaign network takes information from user-entered data in the Merchant Centre. Pulling from this, it compiles ads based on the details you have provided about your products. These ads are displayed to searchers when looking for similar products.

The data must be kept up-to-date monthly. And meet Google’s standards and data quality rankings.
Shopping ads are managed in AdWords. Google’s hub for Pay-Per-Click.

Ads are displayed in Google search results, Google’s Shopping section, and Google Partner sites (optional).

Shopping ads can be displayed at the same time as your text ads, once again increasing your visibility.

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